Thursday, February 25, 2010

Week in Review

WARNING: This is the most random blog post ever. It is not a cohesive unit. It's a smattering of pictures and events from what has been a week I survived only by the grace of God, and post-it

This week has been an exercise in maintaining sanity. It's pretty much nuts how busy things have been. In addition to the usual driving back and forth to get kids to school, church, etc., I've had what feels like a zillion things to make! Don't get me wrong. I love it. This is exactly what I asked for when I said I wanted that embroidery machine to earn its keep. I just haven't quite gotten the balancing act down yet.

First up in the pictorial line-up, the twirly skirt. I am making some things to sell in a local consignment shop, and this is the first of the bunch. I think the pink, black, and white is so fun!

Next up, another order of burp cloths. These had to be airplanes. And did you know that you cannot buy airplane fabric in any of our local shops? One would think that in a town with an Air Force Base, you'd be able to find airplanes. Not so much. I ordered this, and I had to get way more than I needed. I'll be all set for the next time somebody needs something with airplanes.

Oh, look! I got to use it again this week for a t-shirt. Do you want to hear a funny story about Round One with this shirt? It was late at night, and even though I'd had the thought that I should probably stop working and relax, I didn't. John wasn't home to make me quit. Anyway, I got the whole thing nearly done, and on the last letter of the little guy's name, it started looking a little lumpy and funny. What I should have done is stop the machine and check it out, but I didn't. I mean, come on! I'm nearly done! When I pulled the hoop off the machine, I realized that the lump was the sleeve of the t-shirt. I'd embroidered it to the back of the design. And before I removed the hoop from the machine, I deleted the design, so there was no fixing it. I actually had to cut the sleeve just to get the darn thing out of my hoop. So I went to bed and made another one the next day. That'll teach me, huh? Actually, it worked out. I changed one of the colors the second time around, and I like it better.

Next up, my niece's bow holder. I made one to match Neely's room about a year ago. This one's a little bit different. I added flowers at the bottom of the bodice instead of bows. I love it.

The last thing I'll mention are Aidan's birthday party invitations. He wants a kite party this year. This isn't something he came up with on his own, though it's random enough to be. We asked what kind of party he'd like to have, and he didn't know. When we started throwing out ideas, my idea of a kite party is the one he got excited about. It's March. It's windy. You're supposed to fly kites. Why not get a bunch of kids together for a party and fly them?

Anyway, have you ever tried to find birthday invitations with kites on them? Yeah, they don't exist. I spent yesterday afternoon making these.
Last but not least, here's a quick pic of Neely trying out her first pair of flip flops.

That's it. I warned you it was random. There wasn't even a real point, except that I took all these pictures and they have to go somewhere. :)

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