Thursday, February 11, 2010

Neely's New Outfit

I love these little ruffle pants, and I finally bought a pattern so I can make Neely some. But once I did the pants, I realized she needed a shirt to go with them. I love these with the big initial on them, so I put one on a little t-shirt to go with the pants. And the really great part is that as she gets taller and as summer comes, we can still wear the t-shirt and just use these pants as capris.
Sometimes, I really like blurry, on-the-go pictures. This one of Neely may be one of my favorites to date.
And here's a close-up of what's on the t-shirt. It's hard to see the pink lettering in that first picture.


  1. That sure is a cute outfit on a cute little girl. Both children look taller already.

  2. they are! they're both having growth spurts at the same time.

  3. So sweet! Love the fabric! Stop on by and link up Thursday if you are interested!