Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Experiment #1

Experiment number one was a fail. I made egg puffs with yellow squash puree baked into them. I ate one, and they were great, just like scrambled eggs, only a little fluffier, and I could only taste a hint of the squash. If I hadn't known what it was, I probably wouldn't have realized it was there.

In hindsight, egg puffs probably weren't a good idea. My initial thought was, "Oh, how adorable. They each get their own little ramekin. They'll love it!" Since I've never presented them with an egg puff for breakfast before, they were a little wary.

Neely probably would have eaten hers on a normal day (if it were dumped out of the cup and cut up to look like her scrambled eggs usually do), but she's been teething for a few days and her appetite isn't what it usually is.

After much coercion, Aidan tried one bite. If he didn't have this whole "I do not try new things" thing going on, he might have even admitted that he liked it. He sat at the table with it for a little while, but he never did eat any more of it. What did happen is that Neely climbed up in his chair and began beating it with the spoon. She's at this place where she really wants to try to use silverware, but she doesn't quite get it yet.

The only other problem with these is that the little ramekin stays hot for a good little while. Like I said before, I didn't totally think this one through. If you had kids a little bit older, it would probably work out great!

My next experiment will be muffins - something familiar, yet they'll be a little different. Hopefully, they'll go over better than the egg puffs.

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