Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snow in Louisiana

It has snowed at our house all day long. In the four and a half years we've lived here, this has never happened. When it started this morning, I immediately took the kids outside - in their pajamas - to check it out. I fully expected it to have stopped by the time we left the house for the morning. I love how when I take pictures in the snow here, it just looks like it's gloomy and raining. If you look very closely, in the alcove to the front porch, you can make out some flakes.

See? There are a few stuck in Neely's hair.

And by lunchtime, it was coming down really hard. Now you can definitely tell it's snowing.

And there's the front of our house with snow coming down, and there's even a little bit accumulated in the flower bed. It's too bad there wasn't ever really enough to go out and play in it. Aidan has been dying to make a snow angel.

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  1. Bring the kids up here to Pittsburgh! We have 30 inches of that stupid white stuff! (I am completely serious...30 freaking inches!) I seriously have to keep a really good eye on Scott. He could literally fall in and I might not ever find him again!