Thursday, February 4, 2010

Experiment #2

It worked! I have no pictures, because my camera battery happens to be dead right now, but this morning I made applesauce muffins. The recipe calls for applesauce, lots of oats, and butternut squash puree. They totally have orange flecks throughout, and I expected that to throw Aidan off, but he ate them! And of course, Neely ate them. She's my awesome eater.

The only catch with Aidan is that I had to call them something other than their actual name. For example, when I make banana muffins, I add chocolate chips and tell him they're chocolate chip muffins. Otherwise, he wouldn't touch them. So today's muffins were called cinnamon streusel muffins. I just left out that yucky applesauce part. If he gets wind of a fruit or vegetable, he's gone.

This is exciting. My kids ate SQUASH for breakfast!


  1. It's a smart mom who can outwit a three year old. Every mom who has had the experience can testify to that!

  2. Did John eat them?