Monday, November 24, 2008


On a much more pleasant note than my last post, I wanted to share a picture of Aidan when he put his shoes on to accompany me to the grocery store yesterday evening. He chose a lovely pair of navy blue rain boots to accompany his black sweats. And to top it off, he tucked the sweats into the boots! He would not let me change his shoes to leave, so we went this way. Ah, the joy of letting your toddler dress himself. This was a little more entertaining than when he puts his shoes on the wrong feet. I usually let him do his shoes by himself, so more often than not, he gets them switched and I leave them, since he did it by himself. I have to explain that one a lot. Total strangers come up to me to ask me if I know that I've put my child's shoes on the wrong feet. Yes, I know. I let him do it himself. He's becoming independent!


  1. Oh yes!!! Been there! Just let him go....but have your camera close by always!! It was so unpredictable with both of mine. You never knew what they would come out of their room wearing. One day, we would go to the store as Cinderella. The next day she would look like a bag lady!! was okay. I had name tag stickers. I would write or print really cute on the computer...."I DRESSED MYSELF TODAY!" They would wear it to the store. So no one was judging me and people love it!

  2. Dang, he looks pretty hard core in this pic. The scar, the glare, the boots...I would have let him wear what he wanted too.