Thursday, November 20, 2008

God's Clues

I repeated this story to a friend on the telephone yesterday evening, and she assured me it was blog-worthy. While Aidan ate his breakfast yesterday, I was reading my Bible and copying down some notes into a journal that I'd taken during church a couple of weeks ago. The night before, we had worked on his letter to Santa Claus (I'll have to scan that and share it at some point). He looks at what I'm writing and asks, "Is that your Christmas list, Mommy?" I told him, "No, Mommy is writing in her journal." He looked at me like I'd just grown a third eye. As in, "Does not compute. I do not know this 'journal' you speak of." I tried again, "It's my notebook." I could tell a little light was dawning, as if he was trying to figure out how he knew what a notebook was. I got there before he did. I told him, "You know how on Blue's Clues, Joe writes down the clues in his notebook? Well, Mommy is writing down the clues God gives her from the Bible in this notebook." To which he says, "Yeah!" Who knew you could compare your daily quiet time to Blue's Clues? Only the parent of a preschooler.

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