Friday, November 14, 2008

One last thing

Sorry! I keep forgetting things that I meant to post as they happened. Joe and Maggie sent Aidan this adorable card this week asking him to be a ring bearer in their wedding. I showed it to him and read it to him and then asked, "Do you want to be in Joe and Maggie's wedding?" He answered, "Yeah!" Emphatically, I might add. I showed him the picture on the front again. "Do you want to wear a little suit like this one?" Again, he says, "Yeah!" I hope he's that excited come June.


  1. Hey blog stalker, I updated my blog, although I think you are the only one who reads it ;) Joe and Maggie sending that card is such a sweet thing to do...I love that he was so excited!

    PS...I HATE you for introducing me to the Nester. I have accomplished nothing all day.